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The Engelbert Humperdinck & Tom Jones Songbook


Gene Ferrari

The songs and stories of Engelbert & Tom

Not a Vegas-like impersonation but rather a sincere artistic interpretation of the beautiful and exciting songs Engelbert and Tom have made classic throughout the world. Relax and enjoy compelling stories about the songs and lives of these two great artists.

  • Ferrari is the guy who can wrap up Engelbert & Tom into one fantastic act.  In fact Enge gave him his blessing and showed the singer the ropes. – Las Vegas
  • He’s been described as a composite of Engelbert & Tom and that suits him just fine – thank you very much. – Atlantic City
  • His wonderful and powerful voice truly inspires the audience.  It is awesome to see an act get a standing ovation and heartening to feel the sincere humbleness and honesty with which he accepts his applause. – Chuck Rounds – Las Vegas
  • His voice sounds like a good mix of Engelbert and Tom and is wonderful to listen to. – Whoot – Atlantic City
  • The comparison between Ferrari and Engelbert is quite natural.  Ferrari and Enge have been friends for years. – Las Vegas
  • Gene Ferrari brought his audience to their feet several times during his stellar performance at the Savannah Center. – Florida

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